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Willamette Valley Cheese is owned by Rod Volbeda, and makes handmade, farmstead cheeses including Gouda, Havarti, Jack, Cheddar, Fontina and French Prairie – a brie style cheese. Rod has a passion for taking great care of his animals and producing the highest quality handmade cheese. Raw milk produced goes directly from the milking parlor to a thoroughly modern cheese-making facility, and pasteurization takes place in an on-site vat with no bumpy truck ride or lengthy trip through pressurized tubes.   The Volbeda’s philosophical approach to farming includes the practice of environmental sustainability. They fertilize their pastures and crops with nutrient-rich compost and never use herbicides or pesticides. Their cows are not treated with hormones or antibiotics. The surrounding pastures and production plant at Willamette Valley Cheese Company are certified organic.   "I come from a dairy background, working with my dad and brother milking Holsteins,” Rod said.  “Today I milk jersey cows, and make cheese right after we milk. We do it from feed to cheese, so we’re a classic farmstead operation. We’re seasonal, and our cheeses naturally vary with the feed situation.”

8105 Wallace Road NW
Salem, OR 97304

Tuesday - Saturday, 10am to 5pm