Rizzo Winery is a boutique winery with humble roots that makes everyone who visits feel right at home. Founded in 2006 by a winemaker with a dream who began making wine in his garage, Rizzo grew into an award-winning winery loved by many. Making not just classic Pinot Noir from its Estate, Rizzo Winery also specializes in bold red wines sourced from Oregon’s Columbia Valley. With charcuterie selections from local artisans, a stunning view, flights, glasses, or bottles, you’re sure to have a delicious experience at Rizzo Winery. 

David Rizzo is our winemaker. 
David’s obsession with winemaking began on a trip to Napa Valley, back when tasting rooms had only one person pouring the wine, and they so happened to be the winemakers themselves. Enchanted by the confidence and passion for the process David asked all the questions he could, and returned to Oregon thinking “Well, I could do that.” It took longer than he thought to acquire grapes from nearby farmers, but persistence gave him his first vintage only a few years later. Sharing it with his friends, his humble wine that was made in his garage had gained a following. Winning competitions for amateur winemakers David had a talent in winemaking that came naturally. Eventually this talent led him to purchase the very estate that Rizzo Winery sits on still. His love for the purity of the grapes, and trusting Mother Nature herself, gives us the single-vineyard single-varietal wines Rizzo Winery is known for today.

Open Saturday & Sunday
11am to 4pm
Summer Fridays 3pm to 7pm
All other days by appointment

13005 Jerusalem Hill Rd NW,
Salem, OR 97304


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