About the Region

Quietly rocking the world of Pinot noir.

When you’ve made the decision to spend your life making wine, you may think that you have an inkling of the difficulties it will present. Yet, when you’ve decided to make Pinot noir, with its hundreds of clones and fickle sensibilities, you better be passionate in your venture.

In your pursuit of world-class Pinot noir, it helps to be working with
grapes from the Willamette Valley, and, if you’re truly fortunate, you might be working with grapes from the Eola-Amity Hills AVA where the ocean winds blow in through the Van Duzer Corridor and cause even the locals to keep their Pendleton blankets out well into July. This cool marine air makes the vines work harder and helps amplify Pinot’s lush and aromatic qualities.

But, despite the Eola-Amity Hill’s ideal location, rest assured that growing and making exceptional Pinot noir is a battle.

Do you pick your grapes early and count on a miracle in the barrel or do you wait longer for the fruit to further ripen and develop flavor yet risk autumn rains taking half of your crop? Both tough and delicate decisions.

Fortunately, the people who make wine here are as tough and stubborn as the vines themselves. They work hard, they take calculated risks, they suffer for their art, and as a result of it all, they make wines that have been rocking the world, quietly. Because, unless you’re a critic, you want to keep something this good a secret as long as you can.