Mystic Wines

Rick Mafit has a simple approach to winemaking. ‘Make good wines that I love to drink and share with my friends and family. Be creative, have fun, enjoy the time and the place….share.

Mystic Wines is the culmination of that ideal, his UC Davis enology degree and 40 vintages (only 28 here in Oregon) have definitely helped heighten the experience. Visits over the years to traditional European winemaking regions as well as New Zealand and Baja Oregon (California) vineyards and wineries have made him appreciate Oregon for its “Wild West” attitude where wine is still in its formative years.

“The simplicity and magic of winemaking, the people, the place, and the camaraderie are what make this place different and make it my home.” “I look forward to each new year not only for what we are doing at Mystic but also because of what is happening all around us.”

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